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Artecarta Italia

Leader in the packaging sector, the company was founded twenty years ago with the precise goal of offering its customers high quality products through the incessant search for valuable materials, the use of cutting-edge machinery and the use of specialized personnel.

The main objective of the company is to make packaging a philosophy of life, taking care of its offer in detail and offering its customers accurate and coordinated graphic solutions that make their identity and their brand easily recognizable. The excellent quality of the materials used, moreover, immediately communicates to the final consumer the importance of the product that is contained in the box helping to improve and consolidate the image of the product and the brand itself.

With an extensive sales network throughout the country and a particular propensity of the owners to work hard, Artecarta boasts excellent results in the packaging sector and enjoys the full trust of its customers, Starting from the agreement of illustrious pastry chefs who have long climbed the highest peaks of international success.

Today the company is launched towards a future of research and innovation that will satisfy its customers at 360: from the classic style to the most modern taste, the packaging ideas that it offers anticipate fashion and the seasons ensuring, from Valentine’s Day to Christmas, character and personality to its products.

Artecarta offers not only quality boxes but also a complete "package" that combines originality and taste without sacrificing practicality and functionality.

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Our contacts
  • Where we are
    Via Passanti, 176
    Scafati, Salerno, Italy
  • Opening time
    Lunedi - Venerdi: 8.30 AM - 18 PM
    Sabato: Produzione aperta 8.30 AM - 13 AM
  • Closing times
    Lunedi - Venerdi + 13 PM - 14 PM
    Sabato: Uffici chiusi
    Sabato: Produzione + 13 PM
  • Quick Contact
    Phone: +39 081 856 28 45
    E-mail: info@artecarta.it
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  • Stella 2
  • Stella 3
Certifications and Patents
  • Certificazione FSC
  • Certificazione ISO 9001
  • Certificazione ISO 14001
  • Certificazione ISO 45001

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